AGM Wrap-Up

Our Annual General Meeting was held on November 15th,at the City of Leduc’s Royal Executive Inn and we had a fantastic turn out. It was amazing to see new faces walk through the AGM doors with a piqued interest,and walk out with a keen sense of how ARDN’s resources and projects can be used in their community. General meetings are not typically the most exciting ofmeetings to sit through, but with an engaged audience, lively ARDN staff, and numerous cups of fresh coffee – the AGM elicited more than a just a few laughs

Guests, friends, and colleagues were given a run-down of ARDN's current initiatives.

Not only does this year mark ARDN’s tenth-year anniversary, it also marks our busiest one yet! Fueled by new initiatives, the receipt of new grants, the success of our first national symposium, the establishment of a new national network, and the merger with the Ag-Food Council, ARDN expanded and blossomed into 15 staff to keep up with the growth. With this growth, ARDN moved its offices into the Ag-Food Council’s public co-working space located in downtown Edmonton. As we head into the new year, we look forward to amplifying the rural voice even further and taking initiatives to higher heights.

Fantastic turnout for the AGM- elected officials, clients, and friends old and new stopped by to meet ARDN staff and hear about new projects.

During the AGM, attendees were advised of some changes to our board. ARDN was pleased to welcome Dietmar Kennepohl as its first board alumni.After 9 years of dedicated service, ARDN wishes Dietmar all the best in his next ventures. In light of Dietmar’s farewell from the board, new member Kevin Shufflebotham from Medicine Hat College takes on a new role as co-Vice Chair alongside Portage College’s Nancy Broadbent. Ann Everatt remains Treasurer and Shirley Pasieka remains Secretary.

The ARDN Board of Directors for 2019/2020 is:

- Trent Keough, Chair

- Kevin Shufflebotham, Vice Chair

- Nancy Broadbent, Vice Chair

- Ann Everatt, Treasurer

- Shirley Pasieka, Secretary

- Erasmus Okine, Director

- Baljit Singh, Director

- Gilbert Perras, Director

To learn more about our Boardclick here

If you would like to view ARDN’s latest Annual Report click here

Here are some photos from the event:


Julia Juco