Work-Integrated Learning

WIL Benefits for Businesses

WIL placements can lighten current workloads, help complete projects on the backburner, or transform your digital and communication spaces. Work with a student to:

  • Engage the future workforce and showcase the benefits of working in your industry, sector, community, or organization. Recruiting students can reduce future hiring costs and help you source competent, motivated talent.
  • Enhance your human resource and operational capacity. Students can help you sustain operations, diversify your revenue, refine products and services, or reach new audiences.
  • Access fresh and innovative perspectives and practices, the latest trends in technology and communication, or emerging research and best practices to help you achieve your business goals.

To sign-up for a fall or winter placement opportunity or if you wish to discuss your needs and project ideas, please get in touch with Daniela Seiferling (Project Manager), contact information below.

To read RDN's full announcement of the WIL program, click here.

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    For more information, Please Contact:

    Daniela Seiferling