Shelter Pulse

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Helping women across the country

Women fleeing abusive relationships/households are not receiving comparable levels of services, which are dependent on which part of the country they live in.

Current challenges to implementing a trauma-informed approach to care include: 

  • Lack of clear definitions
  • Difficulty translating trauma-informed care to specific practice settings 
  • Ensuring consistency across service settings and systems
  • Lack of evaluation of the service provided

This project aims to equalize the level of care for women escaping domestic violence by creating a database of the most current, research-based, trauma-informed policies and practices. This online tool will assist VAW and second-stage shelters to standardize their practices to ensure that women and children across the country have access to comparable levels of services even when they’re in smaller communities.

The Shelter Pulse database will be a free, easy-to-use, up-to-date resource to resolve these issues. Pooling resources to create a consistent framework for policy development and service delivery will also save time and money for shelters, eliminate duplication of work, and create a standard for all rural Canadian shelters.

    For more information, Please Contact:

    Mary McGuire