Rural Immigration

This Initiative takes a holistic approach to supporting both communities and newcomers to facilitate successful settlement and integration.
The Rural Immigration Initiative supports a wide range of stakeholders, including individuals, community-based organizations, and service providers.
The overarching vision for the Rural Immigration Initiative is to increase rural communities’ capacity to support immigration, and to increase support for newcomers, immigrants, and refugees. Our team works on the following key areas to reach this vision:

  • Coordinating efforts to create welcoming communities
  • Enhancing the capacity of local organizations to support newcomers
  • Helping prepare newcomers for the realities of living in a rural community
  • Creating awareness of the unique challenges and successes newcomers face in smaller communities

Through the Rural Immigration Initiative, we are focused on preparing, educating, and equipping rural communities to support newcomers before and after their arrival to the community. We believe that both the community and the newcomers should be prepared for the changes and opportunities that come with the settlement in a rural community.

    For more information, Please Contact:

    Jayde Roche