Rural Immigration

The overarching vision for this initiative is to help newcomers successfully integrate and settle in rural communities. Before and after newcomers arrive, we prepare and equip both communities and newcomers for the challenges and opportunities that come with settling in a rural community. We do this by supporting immigrants and refugees across rural Alberta,

The Rural Immigration initiative takes a holistic approach by supporting a wide range of stakeholders, including newcomers, community-based organizations, and service providers. We help rural communities identify and develop capacity for what they need to support immigration. One of the ways we do this is by expanding access to training and education for rural service providers that serve diverse ethnocultural communities. In general, these are the key areas we work on to reach our objective:

  • Raising awareness of the unique advantages and disadvantages newcomers have in small communities
  • Coordinating efforts to create welcoming communities
  • Enhancing the capacity of local organizations to support newcomers
  • Helping prepare newcomers for the realities of living in a rural community
    For more information, Please Contact:

    Jayde Roche