Canadian Rural and Remote Housing and Homelessness Symposium (CRRHH)

The Rural Development Network and the Rural Ontario Institute came together to host the second Canadian Rural and Remote Housing and Homelessness Symposium: the first national event to elevate uniquely rural and remote approaches to tackling homelessness and housing.

We focus on providing actionable tools, training, expertise, and best practices to allow you to continue making a positive impact in your communities. The second symposium was held virtually from June 1-3, 2021 with a unique program with over 30 concurrent workshops and panel sessions, and renowned keynote speakers: Jesse Thistle, Avi Friedman, Pam Hine, and Margaret Pfoh.

CRRHH brings the rural conversation to where you are. Rural is not just a place, it’s a sense of belonging. Share your best with a supportive group that gets it. Watch the beauty of a virtually-connected community at work.

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