Agri-Food (Completed)


FarmEd is a two-year, place-based education project  with multiple components: the development of a school and community farming guide or “toolkit”, virtual training sessions, farm pilot projects at rural schools in Alberta, and a final impact evaluation.

The target audience for this initiative are students in grades seven to twelve, as well as teachers and surrounding community members in rural . The outcomes for this project include enhancing teacher’s and student’s understanding of agricultural practices, improving food security levels in rural communities through capacity building and food availability approaches, and increasing public trust in Alberta agriculture through both experiential learning and partnership building with local farmers and food producers.

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NEW! Introducing the FarmEd Toolkit!

The FarmEd Toolkit guides schools and educators through the process of implementing small-scale school farms and agriculture education programs, the implementation of two pilot school farms, and professional development sessions for educators. 

The FarmEd Toolkit helps educators with:

  • Planning & goal setting
  • Creating a team
  • Scaling for your capacity
  • Creating a budget 
  • Preparing for common roadblocks 
  • Engaging key stakeholders and community members
  • Implementing farming infrastructure and equipment necessary

The Toolkit also provides a variety of resource materials that you can access any time, including; sample surveys, templates, checklists, teaching guides, and more. 

The FarmEd Toolkit is funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Youth Agriculture Education program and in partnership with the Irvine Agricultural Discovery Centre.

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