Canadian Rural and Remote Housing and Homelessness Symposium 2021

The first national event to elevate uniquely rural and remote approaches to tackling homelessness and housing.

The Rural Development Network and the Rural Ontario Institute are taking things virtual for the second Canadian Rural and Remote Housing and Homelessness Symposium. Expect a unique program with over 30 concurrent workshops and panel sessions, and renowned keynote speakers.

Last year, like most organizations, we were forced to cancel our second Symposium on Rural and Remote Housing and Homelessness scheduled for Spring 2020. However, with the first two months of the year done and checked off, who would have predicted the ways we would adapt when we were forced to hunker down almost a year ago?

Register today!

Every registration ticket includes access to all conference sessions, the virtual exhibition hall, the welcoming and closing ceremonies, and networking sessions.

Save $60 when you sign up before the early bird deadline: April 15, 2021!

The benefits of hosting a virtual event

Unique learnings from a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event

  • This is the first global pandemic in any of our lifetimes, and the ways we've been forced to adapt, learn, and grow will definitely be examined and dissected for decades to come. Share the ways your team (and your community) has adapted, and the new ways of doing that you're keeping with you in the "new normal".

Save $$$ (and time!) by removing the need to travel

  • Attendees already have to pay $100 - $300 on tickets, but when you throw in flights, accommodations, and food? Forget it! Travelling, especially for more rural and remote communities, is not always feasible for a 3-day event. We're hoping to remove barriers so more Canadians can take part in these important discussions.

Flexibility: create the schedule that's perfect for you

  • Have you ever attended an event with so many interesting sessions, but you're left with no choice but to attend just one? Instead of giving you a time-turner to be in two places at once, we had to settle for the next best thing. Hosting a virtual event lets attendees access all recorded sessions even after the event!  

For More Information, please contact:

Shelby Rowein