2016 - 2017

This is the 9th year of ARDN's existense and one of the strongest in its history. As ARDN's Chair, Trent Keough exclaims:

What a year it’s been! Like rain on seeds in parched earth, ARDN is blooming again! ARDN is flourishing because its many projects have created new opportunities for our rural communities. Many thanks to the many committed supporters of ARDN; our current success is because of you.

Truly, ARDN thanks all its supporters for its success. While 2015-2016 was a year of renewal for ARDN, progress was the order of the day for 2016-2017. ARDN built on the foundations that were started, welcomed new staff, prepared to move offices, found new funding, and formed exciting new partnerships that have charted a new course for the organisation. We are on a new and exhilarating path, full of challenges and opportunities.

For more information, Please Contact:

Dee Ann Benard